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What is Parvilla Travel?

We all love our home roads but then we watch the pro's on the TV or we read a magazine that states the "Best climbs in the World" and we say to ourselves....."Wouldn't it be great to ride those roads?". Well you can and Parvilla Travel wants to make that happen.

Parvilla Corsa in Mallorca 

Partnering with Cognoscenti and Equipo, Parvilla can take you to some of the best cycling roads in the World - whether it be the Boulder, Mallorca or Colombia.

Sa Calobra in Mallorca

Check out Cognoscenti and Equipo directly at their websites and be sure to check back here for details of the Parvilla Cycles annual trip to Mallorca in April, 2017!  Memories that last a lifetime are made with Parvilla Travel.

Memories that last a lifetime