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Parvilla Custom Bikes

We are sure that you have dreamt of your ideal bike, custom only to you.....  we can make your dream a reality. Since our inception we have been creating cool custom projects for customers up and down the east coast and across the US. We have created ridiculous lightweight road builds and lavish high tech tri bikes in both carbon, titanium and steel. There is really not much we don't do.

Why drop your hard-earned cash on an off-the-shelf $12,000 “superbike” when you could spend less on a one of a kind, hand-made creation specifically built to your body dimensions? What we actually offer is an alternative to the big manufacturers’ overpriced "Me too" bikes. "Me too" you say? Simple, "You have a Trek?"..."Me too!". Using our specialized knowledge, experience, and industry access, we create unique, stunning builds within a wide range of needs and budgets. Our partnerships with the industry’s most reputable custom builders ensures smooth communication during the design phase and prompt on-time delivery upon completion.

For more budget-minded consumers, we offer many semi-custom options; some of our partnered builders offer stock options based on the popularity of their full custom frame sets. In addition we can "customize" the stock brands we carry to your specifications. Love a specfic frame but not the group it comes with? No problem, we can upgrade whatever you want. As much as we love working with the top-end components and equipment, we have plenty of experience with the more commonly available equipment for those who value ultra-durable and proven performance at a reasonable price.

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All of our custom frame builds include a free Parvilla Custom fitting since it is impossible to design the ultimate dream machine without the perfect fitting. The whole custom bike experience from the initial concept to the day it rolls out the door is often a once in a life time event so we make sure to take our time and get all the details right! It is what we love to do!

Stop in and see one of these incredible machines and if you dare tempt yourself, take one for a spin!


Frame Builders


Hand made in the Boston area, the name Parlee has been the bench mark in custom for the past decade. Offering high end framesets in road and tri, these are the top of the food chain for custom bikes. Come test ride the Z-Zero, Chebacco, TTiR, Altum and ESX!

Every Alchemy frame is fabricated by elite craftsmen, each dedicated to the time-consuming and demanding process of creating bicycles individually suited to their riders. Offering custom, semi-custom and stock options in carbon fiber, titanium, and stainless steel, Alchemy blends leading edge technology and processes with old world attention to detail and hands-on expertise. Every frame is purpose-built for performance and longevity, providing discerning riders myriad bespoke options along with immersive and personal service


The Bespoke  Bicycle is the tangible act of turning practical performance goals into a bike of singular personality and beauty. Few makers are capable of – or willing to – truly embrace each rider’s aspirations without the need to insert their ego or be confined by self-imposed limitations.

Underpinned by Mosaic’s values, each project is an expression of the Bespoke philosophy; one forged over years and thousands of road, mountain and cross builds. Right here and now, the limitations of factory bikes no longer exist. With Bespoke, it’s your turn.

The Dimond builds on superbike designs from the golden age of cycling innovation, and takes a focused approach at optimizing rider, frame, and component aerodynamics. The end result is a bicycle that allows you to go faster than on any other bike – a very simple and bold claim.

The Dimond achieves its miniscule aerodynamic stature using highly integrated frame members whose truncated airfoil tube shapes are optimized for cycling speeds. A detachable top tube makes for convenient packing and travel, while internal cable routing allows compatibility with either mechanical or electronic drivetrains. The frame is designed and manufacturer in Des Moines, Iowa!

No competition. We create the ultimate triathlon racing bicycles using technology from fighter jets and Formula One race cars. ... We design Ventum bikes specifically for athletes who travel to races. They are easier to build, pack, and travel with than any other triathlon bicycle. With integrated hydration and five geometries all are customizable with after market components for that perfect fit.

Our latest partnership is with another Colorado based frame builder, Boo Bicycles. As the only dealer in the Mid-Atlantic, Boo uses steam bent bamboo with the joints wrapped in carbon for a 100% custom and completely unique frameset. They can build just about anything we can dream of. 


The S-Build program makes ordering and personalizing an S-Works bike easier and quicker. It all starts with an S-Works frame, and with the S-Build program you have the additional option of selecting from a series of exclusive colorways you won’t find anywhere else. From there you can begin selecting from the full range of parts to equip the bike for optimized fit and performance. With the help of Parvilla Cycles you can rest assured that the wide range of component models and sizes from bars, to stems, to saddles will all contribute to the most optimal fit for your bike. The S-Build program is the perfect way to ensure that your next dream bike shows up exactly how you imagined it.