Until now, 3D Motion Capture has been limited to our fit studio and there is no argument that the fit studio does not reflect 100% real-world training or race conditions. This leads to positional variances from what is seen in the studio to what is really happening out on the road. That all changes now. Using LEOMO TYPE-R portable motion analysis system we can collect data from you while you are riding your bike outside on the same roads you train on before your fitting in the studio. Your pre-ride activity data is analyzed prior to your fit appointment and then re-run during the fitting process and cross analyzed with Retül 3D motion capture giving an edge to our assessments by making them more precise with actual on road values.

  • MOTION QUANTIFIED - TYPE-R accurately quantifies and tracks your body’s 3D movements in real-life; on the road, on your bike, in training and racing environments.
  • 100% WEARABLE - The TYPE-R consists of five small, lightweight Bluetooth® sensors, each with its own three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. You wear them on your feet, thighs and pelvis. The motion sensors record your movement at 100 data points per second, sending the data in real-time to the TYPE-R’s display.
  • REAL-TIME ANALYSIS - With the ability to connect to ANT+™ based sensors, the head unit tracks your motion, power, cadence, speed, heart rate, and GPS data. You will just turn it on and stick it in your jersey pocket and ride your bike!
  • POST-RIDE DATA ANALYSIS - Activity data from the TYPE-R and LEOMO’s powerful activity analytics allows us to review all your uploaded activities before you arrive, and the cross analyze your motion data in the studio with Retül.

The TYPE-R system will be shipped to you approx. 1 week prior to your scheduled fitting so that you will have the opportunity to use it no less than 3x for the needed data collection. You will then bring it with you when you come to the studio.