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PARVILLA CUSTOM Fütbeds by Retül

All fittings are by appointment only.

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Custom insoles??! Really? Why? Is it really necessary? and will it really make a difference? 80% of the pro peleton seems to think so and so do most cycling shoe manufacturers. Ever wonder why even the most expensice cycling shoes have insoles that are worth only a couple of pennies? The reason is that they know that 8 out of 10 sales will replace their footbeds with custom made ones, so there is no point in wasting money on them. What they supply is basically an odor eater with a very short life span.

Why? and will it make a difference? Lets keep this simple - think about the power transfer when pedaling. The upper leg creates most of the power in the down stroke, the knee and lower leg transfer the effort to the ankle and then through the foot to the pedal and on to the drivetrain. The foot is the only point of contact with the bike. If it is comfortable, stable and supported correctly the power transmission will be most effective. It will keep the ankle and knee in alignment and maximize the output.

Go and get your cycling shoes and put them on. Tighten them up as if you were going for a ride. Now, can you wiggle your feet around? Are there cavities of space under any part of your arch, balls of your toes or in front of your heel? The answer is likely yes. Since most stock insoles are extremely generic and have no structural support there is all kinds of room for your foot to collapse which will cause the ankle to compensate and your knees to fall out of alignment.

Could everyone benefit from custom footbeds? Absolutley. Everyones feet are different. Why are you using a generic insole? You are giving away power, comfort and efficiency.

Custom insoles can aid a cyclist in the effort to find a more aligned, powerful and comfortable fit position. But in order for a footbed to be practical, they need to be easily integrated into the fit process, affordable, highly customizable and must stand the test of rigorous use of even the most aggressive rider. In other words; cheap, made quickly and easily, durable and able to work with anyones foot shape and size. That is a tough list of demands and it is has taken awhile for the answer to be offered. But finally....  PARVILLA CUSTOM f i t offers Retül's Custom Fütbed System. Working with MasterFit, the ski industries leader in custom foot beds, they have met and exceeded all of these specific standards and are ideal for every cyclist we work with day in and day out. Want your feet to be happy? Want to be more powerful on your bike? Treat yourself to some custom foot beds, you will be amazed!

PARVILLA CUSTOM Fütbeds by Retül  -  $150

For: ALL Cyclists


  • The Retül Fütbed is easy to mold and can be created while you wait in less than 45 minutes. The service is offered as a stand-alone or combined with the Parvilla Custom  f i t  Premium service.
  •  The process requires an advanced foot assessment. The Retül Fütbed should not be considered an orthotic but as a custom molded arch support system for cycling shoes.
  •  They are highly customizable and will work with all types of riders.
  •  They are highly durable and already being used by UCI Pro Tour Teams as well as many local riders.

  *Fütbed fittings are by appointment only and require a 50% deposit at time of booking.

**Please contact the store to schedule an appointment.