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"PARVILLA offers one of the most advanced fitting experiences available!"   


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As we strive to be better cyclists we often forget about the obvious, our position on the bike. We spend countless hours inside riding Zwift or Trainer Road, and outside training for races, Fondo's, century rides and triathlons but spend no time on our position, and then assume that we are riding efficiently. Sound about right? So now what? Yup, you need to get a bike fit, but there are so many fitters now, where do you go and who can you trust?

Well, to be quite honest, there is no one perfect fit methodology but there are a few that are very close! We believe that there is nothing currently more accurate than dynamic fitting. Why? Simple, we want to know what your body is doing while your pedaling. A static fit, one where you are measured in a stationary position with a fitter manipulating your appendages is simply a close guess at best.

But first, you need to know that the most important thing about bike fitting is your body; it starts with the body and ends with the body. So that is where we begin and that is where we spend a lot of time. Nearly everyone has some kind of physical issue; be it high arches, a sore back or a full hip or limb replacement. Big or small, every bit matters. Understanding the body and what it is telling us is the most important part of the fit so when it get really complicated, we even offer a medical fitting that has a Physical Therapist work with you during your session. The focus is to make sure your body can not maintain the position for the duration of your ride, if not then there is more work to do. 

Comfort and efficiency is our priority and we take it very seriously. In order to earn and keep your trust, we have learned from and partnered with the best fitters in the world and then compiled the best of the best and made it available to you. We combine SBCU Retül Fit physical assessment with input from Chiropractors and PT's to determine what makes you unique. Then we use Retül Fit methodology for precise positioning. ALL of our equipment is 100% dynamic, meaning ALL of our fitting services are done with the rider in motion, without exception. You should expect the best and that is all that what we offer. 

Be prepared to be involved and educated in the wonder of bike fitting!


Fitting is our passion at Parvilla Custom Sports Performance, it is in our soul and it is what we love to do. In our quest to find the perfect position for each of our customer’s individual needs, we have invested in the absolute best technology in the world. Starting in 2011 we were the first fit studio in the Mid-Atlantic to invest in a computer controlled fit bike. In 2012, we were first again when we combined our Guru Legacy DFU with Retül’s 3D Motion Capture System and began to set the pace in Dynamic fitting. In 2013 we were the first studio in the country to upgrade our hardware to Retül’s new "Vantage 7" system. 2014 saw the introduction of PARVILLA CUSTOM Fütbeds by Retül. In late 2015 we added GebioMized saddle pressure analysis and introduced a Medical Fit option, working with local chiropractor, Dr. John Michie/Annapolis Whole Health. In early 2017 we upgraded our Legacy DFU to a new Gen 2.0 DFU. The upgrade made us the only fit studio in the USA at the time that combined the most advanced computer controlled fit bike with Retül and GebioMized that rotated 360 degrees in order to accurately capture both sides of the body. In the fall of 2017, we designed, built and opened a gorgeous new fit studio at Parvilla's new location on Mitchells Chance Rd in Edgewater! In we January 2019 updated Parvilla Custom f i t to Parvilla Custom Sports Performance and introduced a new Metabolic Fit Service that allows positional validation using our V02 testing equipment. This is a must for the competitive triathlete or roadie looking for that extra power savings.  In 2021 we were one of the first studios in the US to offer Premium FitRetül's new gold standard fit service. 

Has it all paid off? The spring of 2023 saw us included in Triathlete Magazine's Top-15 bike fitters in the US! We know that there are many bike fit experts to choose from and we are pleased to be recognized amongst the best. Does it stop here? Nope, we keep learning everyday. So, when you are ready, come see us! 

Stu and Christine Waring

MEET MASTER FITTER: STU WARING       "Stu does not rush. He only does one fitting a day and takes as long as it needs to get the job done right." 

All fitting services are conducted exclusively by Stu Waring. Fitting since 2008, he is a Retül Certified Instructor and Master Fitter, and Certified Level 4  IBFI Fitter (International Bike Fit Institute). Stu is also a Certified Level 3 Fitter with SBCU Retül Fit and has assisted in teaching SBCU Retül Fit 2 and Retül Technology courses at Specialized Bicycles in Morgan Hill, CA. In addition to his Certificates from Retül, Body Geometry Fit and SBCU, he has certifications from many other leading fit schools and combines methodologies from F.I.S.T, Trek Fit, Bike Fit Kit, Bike Fit, Guru Fit, PowerFitte and GebioMized. Stu volunteered for 2+ years as the Membership Director for IBFI.

When millimeters count, and precision is key, Stu takes his time and...

"...literally treats you like a Pro for the day


SPECIALIZED - SBCU - Industry leader, SBCU is the only bike fit methodology that's ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to improve power, endurance, and comfort. Created by Dr. Andy Pruitt, SBCU brought bike fit into the modern age in thousands of bicycle retailers world-wide. The constant push for excellence in physical assessment protocol, basic through advanced fit methodology and the acquisition of Retül 3D Motion Capture technology has made it the gold standard in fit technology.

SPECIALIZED - Retül - Industry leader, Retül 3D Motion Capture technology, simultaneously measures three planes of movement on the rider while pedaling. Retül averages the rider's body movement to provide a comprehensive data set reflecting the rider's position. Only at this point can a bike fit expert properly evaluate changes to a rider's position. Attempts to analyze the rider in a static position will not provide data at the same level of accuracy as 3D motion capture. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Retül has specialized in bike fit technology and training since 2007. The company was acquired by Specialized Bicycles in 2012 and now exclusively provides fit technology for Specialized dealers.

GebioMizedIndustry leader in Cycling pressure analysis tools. Pressure analysis is available for all bicycle contact points including Saddle, Shoe, Aerobar, and Grip or handlebar. This state of the art pressure and force measurement technology was developed in Munster, Germany. GebioMized saddle mapping technology gives the client the ability to visualize the saddle and body interface in real-time, it opens the door to understanding pressure distribution of different saddle positions and/or comparison of different saddle types when combined with fitting process.